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Youtube Channel

2012-08-28 11:33:05 by antopini

This is a Link to my Channel on YouTube... Check it out e


2012-01-15 16:31:31 by antopini


Hey guys

2011-06-15 10:34:15 by antopini

Look I know I don't get a lot of comments or people on my page so if you see this, I mean anyone that knows how to make a flash please tell me how, I'm a good drawer, I have a mic for sounds of voices. So WHAT DO I NEEEEEEEEEEEED?!?!?!?!?!

hey guys look!

2010-12-21 22:18:47 by antopini

The adventure of Steave Pen and Bob pencil EP.1

Hey Guys!

2010-11-28 16:38:50 by antopini


I got some new art

2010-11-21 18:04:33 by antopini

I got some art for you.

I got some new art


2010-11-14 19:59:31 by antopini

Man I'm so bored.

Witch one should I pick

2010-11-04 19:04:35 by antopini

Hey guys I want something for X-mas and it is A 360 and A phone, and I can only have one, so witch one should I pick?

Halo Reach

2010-10-07 20:19:19 by antopini

Halo reach is a good game, no It's a great game I just want to know what you guys think.


2010-09-25 11:09:28 by antopini

It's madness day! so how is it so far, give a 1 through 10 and give an opinion, you don't have to it's alright.